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Project Overview

Project Overview

Job Process

A written bid will be provided, depending on the size of the project, drawings may also be included. After acceptance of bid, the agreement will be signed and project process will begin immediately.

  • Customer File Set Up
  • Project Manager Assigned
  • Project Manager will set up meeting
    • Agreement will be thoroughly reviewed
    • Final cut measurements will be taken
    • Job Layout will be discussed
      • Step location decided ( if applicable)
      • Door locations will be decided
      • Electrical Outlets will be planned
      • Heat/ac location decided
      • Fan outlet location decided
      • Skylight location decided
    • Start date will be given
    • Additional contact #’s given
    • Discuss entering property procedure
  • Homeowners Association Obtained
  • Shop Drawing Completed for Ordering
  • Material Ordered
  • Permit Obtained
  • Job placed in schedule
  • Customer contacted with project start date
  • Installer calls and introduces themselves
  • Project begins