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Sunroom Options

Sunroom Options

Custom Solution for Complete Satisfaction

At DC Enclosures, one of the most distinguished factors of our service is the freedom and flexibility we offer our customers. We present an extensive variety of choices to help you build an enclosure exactly the way you imagine it. From the foundation to the heating and cooling systems, here is a brief breakdown of options you can mix and match to create a perfect enclosure for your dream house. 

Foundation Type

  • Concrete Slab – Concrete slab foundation is durable and sturdier and is perfect for outdoor enclosures. If you are looking for a patio or a pool enclosure, this would make a perfect choice. 
  • Wood Deck – Wooden deck is much preferable if you are planning an indoor enclosure. It looks more elegant and offers a calm and relaxing effect perfect for activities such as reading. 

Enclosure Type

  • Screen Enclosure – Screen enclosures allow free passage of light and air into the enclosure while saving you from bugs, dust, and similar unwanted intruders. They are highly preferable as an extension of balconies or porch. 
  • Seasonal Enclosure – Depending on your location and climatic condition, you can choose a seasonal enclosure that will be useable for most of the year. Heating or cooling feature is not included. 
  • Four Season Enclosure – You can choose your enclosure to be a place you can enjoy all year round. Four season enclosures features thermal breaks in the frame as well as strongly insulated glass that make it perfect for all seasons. 


  • Gable Roof – Also known as A-frame or pitched roof. Most people prefer it due to its architectural beauty.
  • Single Slope – A single sloped surface is attached to the existing building. It can be a glass roof but a solid roof is more preferable.


Other options that you can define to make your enclosure appear unique include:

  • Knee wall construction
  • Skylights
  • Floor Covering
  • Electrical
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Color

There is a lot more we can do to create an enclosure that fulfills your desire. For ideas, call us and discuss your needs with us.