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BetterVue Screen

BetterVue Screen

BetterVue® insect screening, equipped with the revolutionary Water Shed Technology™ is designed to maintain optical clarity by efficiently shedding water and preventing dirt and grime buildup, resulting in a more vivid and clear outward view from your sunroom or patio enclosure. This technology is perfect for all types of window and patio screen door applications.

BetterVue® insect screening is embedded with the latest technology in hydrophobic coating, Water Shed Technology™, which effectively repels water and debris, ensuring a cleaner and more durable screen for your sunroom. This advanced technology also increases the product’s longevity and promotes better airflow, natural light, and fresh breezes in your home. Moreover, BetterVue® is GREENGUARD certified, further enhancing its reliability and environmental responsibility.

BetterVue® insect screening with Water Shed Technology™ is a game-changer, providing unparalleled optical clarity, durability, and performance.

For more information about adding BetterVue® insect screens to your new sunroom, click the link below and talk with one of our certified specialists. We look forward to speaking with you!

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BetterVue Insect Screen