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Commercial Enclosures

Commercial Enclosures

Commercial enclosures can the usability and profitability of your business. There are many types of commercial enclosures available depending on the type of business you have.

Commercial Patio Enclosures

A commercial patio enclosure has several benefits:

  • Increased revenue – enclosed commercial patios extend your dining season, allowing more revenue from your patio.
  • Protection from bad weather – rainy day? No problem if you have a patio enclosure.
  • Increased seating capacity – more seats means more revenue for your business.
  • Increased Aesthetics – with completely customizable design choices, your patio can become a focal point of your business.
  • Commercial Pool Enclosures

    Commercial pool enclosures can extend your pool season indefinitely. Here’s some benefits:

  • Extend your pool season – commercial pool enclosures help keep in warmth in the winter and keep out the heat in the summer.
  • Keep your pool cleaner – with protection from the elements, your pool will stay cleaner longer.
  • Keep your pool private – a commercial pool enclosure helps keep your pool limited to your guests.
  • Keep your pool open on rainy days.
  • Commercial Walkway Enclosures and Porticos

    Another great asset to your business is a covered walkway or portico. Keeping your guests clean and dry elevates your guests’ overall satisfaction level.

    Installation Process

    The first step towards your new commercial enclosure begins with a call to DC Enclosures. After discussing what kind of enclosure best suits your needs, our professional team will come inspect your property to be sure your selected enclosure meets your need and budget. Next our team will design the enclosure and help with any permits necessary to construct your enclosure. Once designed and approved, your new enclosure will be professionally installed conforming to all applicable construction codes. It’s now time to enjoy your new space!

    DC Enclosures, Inc and its team of employees have completed many commercial applications, from railings and canopy to Pool Enclosures. We welcome the opportunity to bid your project from the planning stage.