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Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures

Our Pool Enclosures can greatly increase the usage of your pool. We offer both a seasonal screen enclosure to a year around enclosure with an operable roof. It can be added to an existing pool or a we can coordinate with you pool contractor.

Whether you choose a screen pool enclosure or a year around pool enclosure you will enjoy the extended usage of your swimming pool. DC Enclosures makes an ideal enclosure for your swimming pool with its unique design. You discover the difference in the DC Enclosure quality in every option, many of which are not available in other pool enclosures. Your family and friends enjoy poolside play, water sports and daily swims without sacrificing the carefree feeling of being outdoors. They delight in the cool comfort of swimming in sweltering heat without the annoyance of outdoor pests. You and your quest are relieved from worrying about the weather and the inconvenience of seeking shelter indoors during a sudden thunderstorm. The expansive design of a DC Enclosure complements many pool styles integrating them perfectly with virtually every residential architectural design. A smart investment, your DC Pool Enclosure adds value to your home that makes good sense when considering resale.

DC Enclosures will help you plan your project from beginning to end. We will assist in obtaining financing for your project, getting approval from your home owners association, obtaining permit from local county, pouring foundation, building enclosure, electrical, and floor covering.