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Sunrooms 101

inside view of conservatory-smSunrooms: Light and Location

If you’re thinking about building a sunroom, you’ll most certainly be adding a valuable addition to your Atlanta home. Sunrooms can provide you with a getaway or oasis and allow you to relax and enjoy the sunlight away from other parts of your home.

Being that Atlanta has a generally warm climate, it’s the perfect city to have a sunroom, but there are several things to consider before you get started.

Using Your Sunroom

Think of how your sunroom will be used. Don’t think of it as a sunny place to store your boxes of unopened things; think of it as a place to enjoy the sun’s warmth throughout the year. Not only will you have a nifty addition to your home, but you’ll also be the envy of the neighborhood.

Many homeowners use their sunrooms as a place to read, a place to entertain and as a breakfast nook. These are some of the more popular ideas out there…obviously the possibilities are endless, but having a focused idea on how the room will be used will help you in the original planning.

Think of how it will mesh with your yard as well as other parts of your house. Will it be easily accessible for you and your family? Who do you see as using your sunroom the most? You? The kids? The uncle whose been missing for ten years? The new ‘friends’ who seem to pop by unannounced?

Selecting a Location

Of course you want your sunroom to have access to the sun. That’s a given. But even though you may have ample access to sunlight on your property, the right location can make or break the impact that your sunroom actually has. You want to have a nice view, while also pulling in lots of sun…staring at a brick wall next door is not an option.

First, avoid the shade! You don’t want a sunroom that’s dark and dreary. You want something that’s warm and vibrant, so you want a location, preferably on the south and west corners of your home that will draw in more sun that usual, especially in terms of passive solar warmth that can last throughout the year.

As different parts of the country have different climates, this also greatly affects the efficiency of a sunroom. In southern climates such as the Atlanta area, a southern exposure will without question bring in abundant sunlight, but you’ll also have to weigh some cooling options, as temperatures and humidity can at times be oppressive.

Sunroom Placement

Now, getting back to that actual placement of your sunroom. There are some things to consider, such as its proximity to other rooms such as your kitchen, dining room or living room. If you’re thinking of making it a morning reading room where you can have coffee, then place it next to your kitchen. If it’s going to be used as an extension of your family space, then it can work as an extension of your living rom. Then again you may want privacy, a place to unwind and shut yourself off from the rest of the family. These types of attributes and desires are worthy of consideration as you figure out the logistics of your sunroom.

Happy planning!

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