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A New Year … A New Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosures: A Unique Luxury

pool enclosures atlanta gaIf you’re thinking of turning your outdoor pool into a unique oasis, a pool enclosure is without question a great way to have some privacy, while protecting yourself from insects and overbearing sunlight. It also provides a full year’s worth of swimming, as well as a unique place to entertain your guests.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, where the summers tend to be hot and the winters warm, a pool enclosure will make a wonderful addition to any home, and much like a custom pool, a pool enclosure can reflect your unique personal style.

The Benefits to Enclosing Your Pool

Aside from providing a safe place to swim, pool enclosures offer great access to the sunlight yet lower your exposure to UV rays. This can provide great health benefits yet still lower your chances of skin cancer.

A glass pool enclosure not only allows for great insulation in both summer and winter, it also provides a form of safety not just for your family but for your neighbors as well, by providing an area that can be blocked off when not in use. It also helps keep the neighborhood pets out, since what area dog doesn’t like going for a swim without being invited?

Pool Enclosure Windows

As for the windows, there are many options available in terms of glass, including insulated double and triple paned glass. These are often filled with argon gas, which prevents warm and cold air from passing through. Low-emissivity or low-E coated glass can also reduce heat by up to fifty percent, while also reducing UV penetration, which is an added bonus, if you burn easily or are afraid of spending too much time in the sun. These windows will also greatly reduce your overall heating and cooling costs.

Maintenance and Environmental Controls for Your Atlanta Pool Enclosure

Pool enclosures have become more commonplace as home additions, especially since they are highly energy efficient, easy to maintain and can be used throughout the year. Yet heating, cooling, ventilation, shades and blinds should also be taken into consideration when designing your enclosed pool.

There are many varieties of shading options available, which, in addition to the type of glass you use, will also help create an energy efficient environment. Other environmental conditions to consider are dehumidification and ventilation systems, which can help manage your pool enclosure’s humidity level, as well as proper airflow.

While pool enclosures help provide a safe environment, they also keep out foreign objects, such as branches, leaves, bugs, etc.

It’s a new year, and if you’re thinking of a possible addition to your Atlanta home, why not consider a pool enclosure? It’s a worthy investment that will add years of enjoyment to your home.

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