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Growing Herbs in Your Sunroom

Turning Your Atlanta Sunroom into an Herb Garden

very nice conservatoryYour Atlanta sunroom is more than just a great place to relax and entertain, it’s also an efficient environment to grow, not just plants and flowers, but an herb garden. Not only are herbs fun to grow, they’re easy to maintain, and they add flavor to all types of cooking; they also smell heavenly when at their peak.

If you do your fair share of gardening, but are inclined to bring your plants in for the winter, then a sunroom can also definitely come in handy, as it gives your plants the ability to grow year round.

Herbs and Bugs

We all know how hot humid Atlanta weather can be a haven for bugs. The good news is growing your herbs indoors will alleviate the need for some of the not-so-pleasant outdoor aspects, such as excessive weeding, raking and (for the most part) bugs. If you find that your herbs still attract some bugs, there is a quick trick you can try–just spray them with insecticidal soap; the soap will keep bugs away without harming your plants.

So what are the best herbs to grow indoors? Chives, Dill, Mint, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Coriander, Rosemary, Sage and Satureja are all great choices, as they’re more resilient in an indoor setting. Follow the specific growing directions for each of your herbs, and in general, water them when the soil is dry and stop when you see water seeping through the bottom of your pots, as this will ensure that they’re properly saturated.

Herbs and Light in your Sunroom

The best way to get started is to find out where the majority of sunlight in your sunroom is concentrated. Though your plants may not all need direct sunlight, they at least will need to be within its boundaries.

Once you’ve figured out the light distribution, think of how you want your plants and herbs  to be arranged. For instance, you don’t want to keep them cluttered on the floor. Portable shelving units can be a great solution, helping to create layers that allow your plants to get the necessary light. Shelves also make it easier to water and prune plants throughout the season. If you get sufficient light in your sunroom, spread your herbs and other plants around a bit in order to reduce any potential clutter.

If your sunroom gets limited light during the day, you might want to get some fluorescent lights or high intensity lamps (there different types available in a variety of sizes) to help your herbs along, as they often require up to 16 hours of light a day.

So, if you have a green thumb, or are hoping to have one, a four season sunroom for your Atlanta home can certainly get you on your way. And just think how wonderful it will smell with the array of herbs you have growing in there. Happy gardening!

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