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Glass Roof

Glass Roof

Illuminate Your Existence

An enclosure with an all-glass roof fulfills the actual purpose of sunrooms. It allows access to natural light for as long as it is available. While providing a perfect space for activities such as swimming and gardening, it keeps you and your family safe from excessive heat, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Simply put, glass roof sunrooms are nothing short of an oasis to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the comfort of your home.

At DC Enclosures, we offer you an exclusive additional benefit of energy efficient CONSERVAGLASS PLUS that ensures durability and quality without increasing the cost of the project. And that is not the only benefit we have to offer. Our glass roof enclosures come with a plethora of features that can be adjusted and streamlined right according to your budget and technical requirements such as space constraints. 

Energy Efficient Construction

As luxurious as it may seem, we believe that sunroom doesn’t have to be excessively expensive to install and maintain. We use energy efficient material and technology to make sure the cost advantage is long-term and sustainable. The CONSERVAGLASS PLUS offers perfect insulation and unblocked passage of light. Thermally broken frames and interlocking window sashes are used to enhance the efficiency of the structure. 

Customization at Its Best 

From straight ease to conservatory sunrooms, we offer a broad range of styles to choose for your glass roof enclosure. And to perfectly complement the style and structure, you can choose from our wide selection of windows and doors. In short, you can customize the enclosure right up to the handle of the doors and windows. You can make the space safe and secure by opting for child-proof feature and smarter lock systems. 

Cost & Quality 

We ensure quality not just in the material we use, but also in the manner your sunroom is installed. Installation is almost as important as the material and that is precisely why we hire only the most experienced and skillful experts. Our team will provide you complete consultation and support throughout the process. While our pricing is already highly competitive, our experts can work with you to customize the project according to your specific budget.

If you are still confused about the type and style of the sunroom you should choose, give us a call and let our expert consultants discuss your needs and options.