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The Segmented Splendor

Due to their distinct segmented roof, conservatories have a unique look when compared to other types of sunrooms. Conservatories allow more space and can also be built as a stand-alone unit. Due to their complex design, however, a professionally expert and experienced team is crucial for effective building and installation. That is why, at DC Enclosures, we have hired a team of professionals with special expertise in this area.

Conservatories were originally designed for cultivating plants in warm weather. The design, therefore, has an innate quality to keep the interior cozy and comfortable in any weather. If you are planning to add a sunroom as an additional living room where you can relax with a cup of coffee and a good book, a conservatory can be a great option. While many people refrain from the idea due to comparatively higher costs of conservatory enclosures, DC Enclosures can help you customize the conservatory to fit your specific budget.

Choose Your Conservatory 

Despite the unique design, Conservatories have an appeal that is quite traditional. It is therefore perfect for people who do not wish to add a very contemporary or outstandingly modern enclosure. However, with DC Enclosures, you can choose from an extensive variety to better fit the exact idea in your mind. Two of our popular offerings include:

  • Victoria styled aluminum conservatory 

  • Georgian styled wooden conservatory 

You will enjoy the natural light while enjoying the comfort of energy-efficient CONSERVAGLASS PLUS ™ in your new enclosure. We also offer Stay-Clean Technology to ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness in your conservatory. 

Visit our gallery to view our Conservatories, you will find the many different ways in which the customers use their Conservatory, from a simple sitting area to an elaborate extension of their Pool Enclosure.

Our Cost-Effective Conservatories 

At DC Enclosures Inc., we never compromise on the quality of our products. We collaborate with the industry’s best, and hire experienced professionals who are passionate about building the best. Yet, one factor that truly distinguishes us from our competitors is cost. We will create customized solutions that can equally fit your will and your bill.

In order to maximize the value of our service, our team will stay with you from initial consultation to the final installation phase. Installation is conducted by expert hands that ensure a problem-free living for years to come. For more information about conservatory sunrooms and enclosures, just give us a call.