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Turn Your Pool Enclosure into a Beautiful Garden Sanctuary

Best Plants for Pool Enclosures in Atlanta

pool enclosures in AtlantaIf you live in the Atlanta area and are considering building a pool enclosure, you’re already aware of some of the excellent benefits that pool enclosures can have. Not only do they serve as a great way of keeping out bugs, stray animals, and leaves and debris, but pool enclosures also allow for year-round, all-weather swimming.

If you’re an avid gardener, glass pool enclosures can also double as a greenhouse. Adding a touch of the exotic and dramatic to your year-round enclosed pool can make your space that much more of a sanctuary, and with a pool enclosure, you’ll be able to grow some plant varieties that wouldn’t necessarily thrive outside. Another great benefit of adding plants inside and outside the pool enclosure is that plants help to create a sense of privacy, as well as a cohesive feel between the indoor space & out.

For those in the Atlanta area, here are some plant choices you’ll want to consider when building your pool enclosure:

Plants for Inside the Pool Enclosure

Bird of Paradise: These gorgeous tropical plants require moderate amounts of water, grow well in containers and sport spectacular orange and blue blooms. Considered to be the king of tropical plants, this one will truly make your space look special.

Rubber Tree Plants: These are especially a great choice if you don’t have the time to maintain your plants regularly, as they require little care and thrive in sunny conditions.

Ferns: Ferns create a tropical, zen-like feel and particularly compliment wooden elements in the interior design. With an enclosure, you’ll also be able to grow some pretty exotic types of ferns.

Other interesting varieties include Robellini Palms, Pentas and Cordyline. Hibiscus also add a great dose of color to the indoor pool enclosure landscape.

Plants for Outside the Pool Enclosure

If privacy is of importance to you, you’ll want to consider adding some plants, grasses and/or hedges around the outside of your pool enclosure. Here’s some worthy contenders:

Zebra Grass: Adds a fun and funky twist to the landscape, sporting light and dark green stripes against long blades. This grass can grow up to 8 feet tall in full to partial sun and easily tolerates dry conditions.

Japanese Aralia: This broad-leafed flowerer grows up to 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide and features leaves up to 12 inches wide.

Other good choices include Coralberry, Rhodendrons and Holly.

It’s no secret that outdoor pools look spectacular when surrounded by plants, and the same can be said for enclosed pools as well. Adding some of these plants to your pool enclosure landscape will have you well on your way to a beautiful sanctuary in your Atlanta backyard.

Contact our team of experienced professionals at DC Enclosures to learn more about pool enclosures in Metro Atlanta. We’ve been serving the Atlanta area for over 25 years and are proud of our contributions to the local community.

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