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The Four Season Sunroom

glass conservatory-dc-smOne Atlanta Must Have: The Year-Round Sunroom

So, you’re thinking about a sunroom. Okay, you’re on the right track…and seeing as Atlanta is traditionally warm, a sunroom is a great item to add to a house, especially if it’s built in an area where you get good amounts of sun. Spring can be chilly at times, summer can be unbearably hot, winter can be frigid, and the fall can be just right in terms of temperature…so why not invest in a sunroom that you can use throughout all four seasons?

Why a Four Season Sunroom?

A year-round sunroom is a worthy investment. In fact, the market shows that homes with four season sunrooms have better resale value than those without.

Not only do sunrooms provide a pleasant way to relax, but they extend the useable space in your home, and make a great area for entertaining. They also provide a unique addition to the look and style of your property, again adding to its market value.

And if being green (and saving money) is important to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that building a year-round sun room for your Atlanta home will help to cut down on your energy costs.

Four Season Sunrooms are Energy Efficient in All Seasons

Four season sunrooms often use high energy efficient glass, which provide a great source of insulation.

Basically, insulated glass is two panes of glass fitted with a spacer between them. An air pocket is created once these panes are assembled and sealed, which in turn acts as a form of insulation. This double paned glass is not only excellent for insulation, but it also helps to make any home more energy efficient.

Double-paned windows, once properly fitted can help reduce drafts during the winter, while still allowing in the natural heat from the sun (thereby helping to lower your heating costs) and in the summer, your air conditioning won’t be escaping out, saving you money in the end.

Sunrooms and Atlanta Weather: Through Snow, Wind and Rain

Sunrooms are designed to provide comfort in any kind of weather, while at the same time giving you access to the elements without getting wet or covered with snow. You can feel safe observing overcast skies while reading a book, listening to the sound of the rain on a warm summer day, or watching snowflakes cover the ground on those days when Atlanta does get snow.

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