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Enjoy Gardening All Year in Your Sunroom

A Four Season Sunroom in Your Atlanta Home

One benefit of having a sunroom in the Atlanta area is the ability to garden year round. A sunroom brings the beauty of the outside into your home and lets you enjoy your plants without battling inclement weather. You can also use your sunroom as a transition from the house to the yard and coordinate your plants to emphasize the same color palette or gardening aesthetic.

Before you begin your sunroom garden you should:

•  Measure. Measure your sunroom’s dimensions and plan where each of your plants will be. Draw a diagram to ensure that there is plenty of room and to ensure proper placement.
•  Assess the sunlight. Sunrooms receive a wide range of sunlight. Before you choose plants and begin positioning containers make sure to assess the amount of sunlight you receive. Take note of the direction of the sun and the amount of light at different parts of the day.
•  Choose plants. Ensure that the plants you select are compatible with the amount of sun the sunroom will typically receive. Choosing plants that will thrive in your sunroom’s available sunlight is the beginning of a healthy garden.
•  Select containers. Choose containers that fit both the plant and the sunroom space. Pay attention to the size the plants will be at maturity and choose pots they can grow in to.

The professionals at DC Enclosures are the local experts for new sunrooms in Dunwoody and the metro Atlanta area. Contact us today to learn more about the products and services we offer.

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