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Can a Sunroom Help You Beat those Winter Blues?

DSCN2039-2So, you have a home in Atlanta and you’re thinking about having a sunroom or pool enclosure built. Granted you have the space for this addition…but you’re wondering if fall is the best time to really go about it? Well as you’re debating, consider this–according to studies, those who own a sunroom tend to suffer less from seasonal affective disorder, or what we often term “the winter blues”. Not only that, but a sunroom can make you healthier too, as homeowners with a sunroom also have less occurrences of vitamin D deficiency.

Having a four-season sunroom definitely has its perks, and it doesn’t have to break your bank either. If you’re on a budget, know that though the extension itself can be an expenditure, you won’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on furniture and decorating. Sometimes refurbishing some of your older furniture and adding a splash of color are all you need to make your sunroom sparkle. Here are some great tips on how to keep your sunroom cheery through the winter:

Bright Colors

Color, of course, makes a world of difference, and especially in winter it can really help to brighten your disposition, so keep your sunroom bright and cheery. Dark colors will often give off a somber mood, while bright greens and yellows will add a more vibrant flair and put you and your family and guests in a good mood year round. Remember, this is a place to entertain and relax, so you want it be fun and stand out.

Updating your Furniture

Now, let’s say that your sunroom is complete and you already have furniture that might be a bit outdated, but you can’t bear to part with it. Okay, so depending on what kind of furniture it is…maybe it’s wicker or metal chairs…you may want to give them a facelift. Bright paint always does the job, especially sunny and warm colors…experiment with some paint samples to see which color gives your sunroom a boost. And if you’re pillows are on the drab side, why not replace them or reupholster them with fun designs, such as flowers and other colorful patterns? Splashes of color can make a world of difference.

Inventive and Affordable Designs

If you have too much furniture and don’t know where to put it, your sunroom can also serve as a great alternative space. If you’re big on antiquing or rummage sales, pick up some old trunks to use as instant benches and/or tables with necessary storage space! Want to give an eclectic feel to your sunroom? Go for the mix and match look; different chairs and side tables can blend into a unique style that will have your friends talking. If you’re crafty with tools, you can also make tables out of reclaimed wood and items such as discarded doors to give off a rustic feel.

The possibilities are limitless!

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