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A History of the Sunroom

How the First Sunrooms Came About

sunroom-history-insideSunrooms have been an age-old tradition in Atlanta. And though you may think that the sunroom is a fairly new concept, it actually isn’t. The sunroom, or what we would today consider its earliest prototypes, had their origins in medieval Italy. While present day sunrooms are seen as places to kick back, relax or entertain, the earliest incarnations served as greenhouses or botanical gardens. In fact, they were referred to as ‘giardini botanici’ and were used to maintain the flora and fauna that had been collected by various explorers.

This was just the start. As these unique plants thrived in the sunlight and away from elements such as rain and snow, it became obvious that the power of the sun, while important to help plants grow, was greatly beneficial to human health as well. Over time, sunrooms, or ‘solaria’ as they were also known, would become an added feature on many homes.

Sunroom Design

For the most part, sunrooms have retained the same basic design for centuries: a three-walled space, primarily consisting of windows that was attached to the side of a home that allowed for easy access from the house as well as an abundance of sunlight. The exposure to the sun’s warmth would also be crucial in the days when modern medicine was in its infancy. Physicians were aware of the sun’s healing properties (this is before skin cancer created such a scare, of course), and it was often suggested that patients who suffered from illnesses, such as colds, tuberculosis, and other afflictions spend time in sunrooms in an effort to help them heal.

The sunroom would eventually become a fashionable addition to many types of homes, such as farmhouses, row houses…anything you could think of. A back porch in need of an overhaul could be renovated into a sunroom, adding a different dimension and depth to a pre-existing environment. While some sunrooms were originally screened in porches, homeowners eventually made the switch to glass. With many prefabricated houses being built in the years right after the second World War, many saw sunrooms as a unique addition, and in turn this addition would serve as a luxury.

Present-Day Sunrooms

Since those early days, the sunroom has become a very desired part of any house. Not only do sunrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but because they use the sun to help heat the room, sunrooms can be used year round. In Atlanta, sunrooms provide a great place to entertain and a safe environment for children and pets.

Contact our team of experienced professionals at DC Enclosures to learn more about sunrooms in Metro Atlanta. We’ve been serving the Atlanta area for over 25 years and are proud of our contributions to the local community.

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